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UFC Gym your choice for fitness.  We offer customized body building competition packages that include consultations, training, nutrition, and posing.  Experience our fun and exciting results-driven classes; kickboxing, boxing, TRX, circuit training and martial arts for men, women and youth of all ages and fitness levels along with our state-of-the-art workout and cardio equipment for weight lifting enthusiasts.  “Train Different” today, reach your fitness goals and get in the best shape of your life.

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Calibrated Training and Nutrition offers, Flexible Dieting Services, Bodybuilding Prep, Photo Peaking, Healthy Recipes, Online Posing Classes and Physique Coaching to Athletes All Around the World.
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The Eastland Family Fitness motto is “Honest failure leads to honest success”. And what we mean by this, is that in order to have success, we must also fail time and again. Nobody is born bench pressing 300 lbs, able to do Crossfit, run a 10 second 100 meter sprint or squat 450 lbs. It takes a great amount of “honest failure” to become successful. When you leave the gym each time, whether you are …in the stabilization phase of your training, strength phase or power phase, were you honest with each exercise? Each rep? More importantly, were you honest with yourself? If you can answer “yes” to each, you’re on your way to “honest success”. If you’re not sure or your answer is “no”, well, let’s get to it next time. Let’s crush some goals and make some dreams come true.

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Measured Fitness Lab is a mobile testing truck that provides 3D body imaging, body fat %, and so much more! Book an appointment to precisely track your before and after progress for your contest prep. Their 3d scan is more accurate than calipers and other tests. They also offer VO2 max and a Resting Metabolic Rate Test!! 

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Food Intolerance/Nutrient at Home Lab Test – hair sample analysis tests over 750 items, including food and non-food items, nutrient deficiencies and metal toxicity! Reg. price: $99

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